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Internet shopping is already a great time and money saver for most of us, but with eCommerce constantly evolving, there are some things a shopper can do to stay ahead of the game. Not only will you be able to shop cheaper, but overall have a more comfortable experience.

So exactly how much time, money and effort can a smart shopper save? Just follow these 5 simple tips for best experience.

1.       Shop post-season

Of course you need this skirt for the summer and that jacket for the rainy season, but you will probably need the same things next season as well. At the end of each season you can find incredible deals on most seasonal clothes and other items. This also applies to electronics post new model announcements – prices drop almost immediately after a newer line is released.

2.       Search for sales

When struggling to find a bargain, try to search for the same item adding “sale” to your search query. This will bring up cheaper versions of the same product marked down by the seller. Beware of Chinese replicas though!

3.       Shop in bulk

Getting more items saves money. That might sound weird, but the higher the volume of one package, the cheaper is the delivery of every item included. Not to mention that most eBay sellers and merchants elsewhere provide special deals on products bought and delivered together. You can check this in the “payment and shipping” options on eBay.

4.       Let technology help

You may usually look for the item you want on one or a couple different retail websites. That’s good, but may not be enough. Your browser can actually help you check prices on your item at almost all online stores that carry it! Use a browser extension like Amazon Assistant or contact StoresRadar’s Customer Experience Centre to find out if there’s a better deal for you out there.

5.       Mark your calendar

Online shopping brings us a whole new range of discount opportunities including the famous Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. Put together your wish list and take advantage of 1000+ retailers providing free shipping on that day. It can be a real money-saver, especially if you’re not rushing to get holiday items.

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