More Shopping cashback deals

The more you buy, the more you earn with My Wallet. The cashback takes the form of funds on your Wallet and can be exchanged for payment of your orders.

Funds are automatically accumulated in the customer’s Wallet. All orders above GHS/₦ 2000 paid with My Wallet produce funds of 3% to be automatically accumulated in the Wallet. **Maximum Cashback Amount is GHS/₦ 1000**

Shop more…  Earn more…  with StoresRadar Cashback Program!

All funds earned on your transactions are directly added to your Wallet. Now, you decide what you want to do with them.

It’s quite simple, just follow these steps:


Buy in any UK, US, China & on our shop outlet to start earning funds for every transaction you make exceeding GHS/₦ 2000.


Each time you make a purchase of GHS/₦ 2000 and more, and use your My Wallet to pay you gain funds.


Redeem your funds to make payment in your next shopping and even to pay for all your orders.

Easy Ways to Earn Funds and Coupons:

  •  Using your account to Shop from UK, US, China & on our shop outlet.
  •  Becoming a StoresRadar Affiliate.
  •  Using My Wallet for your payment.
  •  Using Customer Referal Url.
  •  Newletter Signup and more.

Where to redeem the Funds and Coupons?

  •  Go to My Account, click My Wallet!
  •  You can see your fund immediately on your wallet balance.
  •  Go to Transaction to view details.
  • You will also get an email notification when you earn a coupon or cashback funds.
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