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Nowadays, most consumers prefer to shop online rather than hit the actual stores, because it’s convenient, quick, and pours benefits with just one click. The items will normally reach your doorstep within two to four days. But you probably miss out on chances to hit significant savings with things like digital coupons, discount offers, price-drop refunds, etc. 

As online retailers have become highly resourceful and creative in bringing more shoppers to their portals, you might want to keep up and be a wise shopper who knows how to crack the deals and spend less without putting in too much effort. There are seriously clever ways you can outsmart sellers whenever you shop online.

Beat Dynamic Pricing

Online merchants use dynamic pricing offers as a sneaky way to show varying prices to different customers according to spending patterns, browsing, location, and current demand of the product.

One good example of dynamic pricing in action is when you find dirt cheap airfare that goes 40% higher upon checking it the next day. Since this technique has become increasingly sophisticated, the majority of retailers get full awareness of your price point too and may show you a higher price compared to other online consumers who spend less on online purchases.

To avoid getting biased prices, you need to do the following:

  • select less developed countries as your home to obtain better prices whenever you search for airfares online,
  • take advantage of anonymous browsing sites or switch to incognito mode,
  • clear out your browser cookies and history in particular,
  • log out of your accounts such as email, Facebook,  G+, etc,
  • instead of being redirected to the US, select localized website versions.

Collect Coupons with Different Email Addresses

Some online stores like to send huge single-use coupons to a select group of customers. Sign up to their newsletters with multiple email accounts to increase your chances of saving big.

Shop on the Right Days

Prices for online products vary throughout the week, which signifies that there are certain best days to make online purchases.

For example, Wednesdays are the best day to shop as prices for products usually drop, while Thursdays are supposed to be killer days for exciting deals at major retailers, such as Macy’s and American Eagle.

Sign up for Newsletters

A lot of online shoppers avoid cluttering their inboxes with retail newsletter emails. One good solution is to create a new email ID that’s dedicated only to retail newsletters, and check them out whenever you plan to make a purchase from those retailers.

There are also mobile email applications that can help you restructure all of your daily subscriptions into one digest. It’s helpful especially now that many companies send out 30% to 40% discounts the moment you sign up for their newsletters. 

Inquire About Price-Drop Refunds

Have you been in a situation wherein you purchased a particular item yesterday, but upon checking it the next day, it was already on sale? It’s pretty frustrating. 

Fortunately, there are shops that do refunds for the price difference if you directly communicate with them within a specific period after you made the purchase. 

For example, Amazon issues a refund if you notify them within seven calendar days from the delivery date.

Get on the Mailing List

If you don’t mind getting emails from the online shops you like, then signing up to their mailing list is a good move. You’ll gain knowledge of sales or discounts throughout the year,  among other benefits. 

You can also do the following:

  • If you’re ok with giving out your personal details such as your birthday, do so. It will get you a special treat or offer whenever the date rolls around.
  • If you don’t want to be on the mailing list, you can just like or follow their pages on social media platforms, such as  Facebook or Twitter, because they often use these places to incentivize buyers with sales and codes.


As we’re living in the digital era, things have been made easier and quicker, and shopping is no exception! Whether you shop online sparingly or embrace the convenience it provides, pretty sure you’ll snatch a bargain wherever possible. After all, there’s always something that you need to buy. It’s only a matter of how you’re going to save on it. StoresRadar will make all your shopping possible.

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