How to shop online from USA, UK or China and Ship to Africa. Leave a comment

In a matter of minutes you could be shopping on AmazonMacysTMLewinJohn LewisWalmartBest BuyeBayASDAAliexpress100+ Local Stores and the list goes on and on. Follow the detailed instructions below. But remember, to benefit from all StoresRadar has to offer, you must first complete an account registration and then use your account to start shopping directly on these and many more sites.

1.- Find

Shop in US, UK & China stores as if you were living there. StoresRadar will help.

Buy what you want

After you’ve registered, you’ll immediately receive your own shopping addresses to use when shopping online, via StoresRadar at your favorite US, UK & China stores.

All packages and documents that we purchase on your behalf will then be delivered directly from our addresses in US, UK & China to your home or office in Ghana.

Finding items to buy

The first step to shopping  via the Internet, is to select the items or stores you wish to shop on by clicking on the shop’s logo on the StoresRadar website or surf the web to find any item on the merchant website to place a custom order. >>>

3.- Place order

Click on the button “Checkout”

Now that all your items are in your StoresRadar cart it is time to checkout and pay for the items. Click on the button marked “Checkout”. This action will require you to provide billing and shipping information to continue your checkout and payment. >>>

Confirmation of Purchase

Once you are done shopping, you will receive a purchase confirmation with your order number, item or items purchased, prices and shipping charges to your StoresRadar account. Keep this Purchase Confirmation as a receipt for payment or invoice.

2.- Add

Adding items to your shopping cart

Add items on the StoresRadar website directly to your shopping cart or for custom orders, fill our cart with the item(s) by copying & Pasting the details in the Custom Order Form, then Click the ‘Add to Cart‘ button. Once all items are in your cart proceed to step 3.

Example: If you are on click on the product you want, then fill your StoresRadar cart with the item(s) by copying & Pasting the details in the Custom Order Form, then Click the ‘Add to Cart‘ button.

This will add the item to our cart. This process will always apply to other sites, simply fill to add to cart/ add to shopping bag etc, from the site you are shopping on to our custom order form. Once you have all the items you want from the site in our cart, then proceed to step 3.

4.- Collect


Immediately afterwards, you will receive a confirmation email from StoresRadar at the email address you provided when you registered on our website with all the specifications of your purchase. Keep this email as a receipt for payment or invoice, as well.


When we purchase your order, receive items from the stores and ship them to Ghana, you’ll receive constant messages confirming, and an update to your order status.

This tool allows you to track your purchases from the time StoresRadar purchase your order, receives your packages, dispatches the shipment internationally, clears customs and is eventually delivered to your home or office.

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