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Applicable to the three-phase four-line two-circuit power supply network with an AC power frequency of 50Hz, rated operational voltage of AC400V, and rated operational current of up to 630A, the NZ7 series automatic transfer switching equipment can automatically connect one or several loads from one power source to another to ensure the normal power supply of the load circuit.
This product is applicable to the important places such as industrial, commercial, and storied buildings, and residential houses.
Certificate: KEMA
Execution standard: IEC/EN 60947-6-1
Characteristics and functions
The NZ7 series automatic transfer switching equipment is the CB class product of a new generation combined with the advanced digital electronic control technique. The product features compactness, energy conservation, convenient installation, reliable dual-interlock protection, etc., and is advanced and complete in terms of function.
The transfer function is achieved via using the forward and backward rotation of the only one motor which allows for reducing the product’s height and room for its installation.
Energy saving
The driving mechanism works in the mode of motor drive with less power consumption and noise.
Dual-interlock protection
The mechanical-electrical interlock duplex protection is used to prevent two power sources from being connected simultaneously to the load, wherein the electrical interlock works in the breaker contact position mode for directly indicating the automatic transfer switch to perform the genuine electrical interlock so that the automatic transfer does not take place automatically in such cases as contact fusion welding, breaker handle damage, and circuit fault breaker tripping.

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