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UPVC Drainage Wye Tee


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PVC Sewer Sanitary Tee Wye
Solvent weld sewer fittings for SDR35 are typically installed in indoor sanitary and drainage systems as well as in underground storm water sewer applications. Solvent welded joints are designed to resist tremendous tensile loads and will not pull apart.
Leak-proof joints = savings
Solvent welding creates a liquid tight seal, providing leak-proof joints for sewer fittings and therefore eliminating underground water infiltration and exfiltration. The result is substantial savings in sewage treatment costs for municipalities.
How it works
Solvent welding is a process in which a joint is made by chemically fusing together a pipe and fitting. A solvent is applied to the surface of a PVC pipe spigot and the inside of a matching bell. It then dissolves some of the chemical bonds in the PVC material, effectively “melting” it. Once the two surfaces are pushed together, the material from the two surfaces begins to fuse together. As the joint cures, the solvent evaporates and the joint becomes stronger until it is essentially one continuous pipe.
High corrosion-resistance
Solvent weld sewer fittings demonstrate exceptional chemical resistance to acids, alkalines and hydrocarbons as well as aggressive soil conditions. They are also highly resistant to abrasion, making them ideal for transporting abrasive effluent even in high velocity sewer systems.

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Dimensions 5.33 × 5.33 × 4.45 cm



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