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There are different types of styles, preferences and colours. Especially when it comes to outerwear. But one thing that remains constant is cool sneakers, especially when paired up with the right outfit. Since the only constant in life is change, we also have no option but to follow that constant and change. Rather, as humans, we upgrade our style as we grow and to match the new trends with every introduction. Everlane the retailer is just a couple of months shy of being a decade, but their sneakers cannot be caged in one boring period.

They have already tasted international markets and have fans far and wide. Parcel forwarders have had to ship Everlane sneakers and other products to buyers living overseas. Going the sustainable way will only bring more popularity for the brand.

Everlane Sneakers –the Brand that Loves a Good Challenge

October’18 saw Everlane sneakers take on a challenge when they announced the launch of ReNew, their game-changing initiative to eliminate all virgin plastic from their supply chain come 2021. In a bid to support the environment and promote sustainable energy, the company is among the ambassadors of reuse, reduce and recycle. Starting with their outerwear, the Everlane brand is making huge moves to lead the way in not just making pledges and big speeches but also acting right.

The Everlane sneakers leap towards sustainability didn’t just see the spread and ripple movement of ReNew, but they recently continued spreading the good message of cleaning up. The latest Everlane sustainable venture presents us with some of the coolest styles in fashion and trends to date, and they do so with little to no effort.

As of April 25, 2019, Everlane’s lowest-impact sneakers rolled out in style. Carrying the Tread by Everlane label, this collection became the brand’s second successful release of sustainable sneakers and contributed towards a better environment from here to the future. The new brand of Everlane sneakers follows their $100 plastic-free puffers that were all cashmere and created under the sustainability flagship.

Speaking about the launch of the new brand, CEO and Founder of Everlane – Michael Preysman indicated that he and his team were proud of the direction they were taking with the Tread by Everlane line. Noting that sneakers carry a significant amount of weight and are worn most of the time, Mr Preysman has always been wary of making the situation around waste worse than it currently is.

Finally doing away with virgin plastic gives the environment a chance to thrive because recycled plastic can easily be broken down. No more stubborn litter on the ground that makes it difficult for flora and fauna to flourish.

Conception and Birth of the New Brand

Everlane has had the idea of their latest brand for years now. It took over two years of consulting experts, working around designs and polishing them to the testing aspect. Everything green was tried and tested in a bid to get the best possible material. Finally:

  • Everlane is the world’s first brand to create the most sustainable sneakers that have passed all quality checks.
  • Tread by Everlane’s introductory silhouette is the first of its kind and is called The Trainer.
  • Everlane set to use as many recycled materials as possible for the creation of sustainable sneaker. In addition to being lightweight and practical, it’s also environmentally friendly.
  • Just the soles are made from 18,000 pounds of rubber that can make up to 1.3 million latex gloves. That’s how much plastic the sneakers are recycling and putting to good use.
  • Light footwear that easily fits the foot and keeps the environment protected as well.

More Plans, More Sustainability

If you’re ready to start shopping and shipping internationally from the US or UK, consider getting yourself a StoresRadar shopping account. In light of Everlane’s future plans, there are going to be a lot more purchases you’ll be making. According to Everlane’s GM of Footwear Alison Melville, “A zero-impact sneaker is our ultimate goal and we’re currently working on several fronts to further reduce the impact. This includes developing alternatives for the few components still made from virgin plastic, designing more efficient patterns to reduce leather waste, and…” The company is also searching for leather alternatives that will be just as strong and durable as real leather but with more compassion for the environment.

If you’ve got a great sense of fashion, love quality and are all about a better future for the next generations, then these Everlane new lines are meant for you. Without direct Everlane international shipping, you need to make plans to have your sneakers bought and delivered to your home address here in Africa.

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