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Glossier launched a new milky oil cleanser and the beauty industry cannot stop raving about the new release. We’re talking about the big reveal, dramatic effects, fireworks and everything in between. And well, it does deserve all the craze and hype around it. This is one of the few times that the media is allowed to label the big reveal as ‘breaking news.’ Wondering why? Keep reading.

The all-new Glossier oil cleanser comes as the latest holy grail of skin care. Actually, your skin will thank you for this switch. Since the millennial pink beauty brand was launched, consumers have been raving about it. And the hype got even greater when it was stocked in the UK. After all, most countries in the EU would just get their fix of the millennial pink beauty brands from the UK. As such, the popularity increased dramatically. Trusted Parcel forwarders started receiving orders from beauty enthusiasts from all over the world. And even the average girl who doesn’t wear makeup but prefers to stay moisturised jumped onto the bandwagon and started buying Glossier online.

And who would blame the consumers:

  • The Boy Brow came as a solution to tacky eyebrows, giving one an instant editorial eyebrow look fitting of being on a magazine cover.
  • The adorable tubes of Cloud Paint blush made for the perfect blushing cheeks on a bright and not-so-innocent face.
  • The spot-covering stretch concealer would do a perfect job of instantly erasing spots until you wash it after a long day.

Whatever Glossier product you picked, it was simply ‘the one.’ Makeup enthusiasts’ bags were bursting with Glossier and rightfully so. Trusting Glossier makeup products became second to nature. With every new release, consumers wait eagerly and ready to buy whatever product as long as it works on their skin and doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket.

The Big Reveal of the Face Wash of The Year

Taking to their popular Insta page, the beloved brand announced the addition of a new cleanser to their crisp books – Milky Oil! And boy, oh boy, are we ready to spend our paycheque on this cleanser. Take our coins already!

Other than the fact that you can buy Glossier online, you need to consider that you get updated and advanced promotions and adverts that teach you how to use Glossier products. All thanks to the brand’s thriving success on easily accessible social media pages, such as Instagram. The new Glossier spanking Milky Oil face wash is the sister to the revolutionary Milky Jelly Cleanser. Given how life-changing Milky Jelly Cleanser has been, it will be worth paying for Glossier through StoresRadar to get your Milky Oil delivered to the address of your choice in Africa.

Enhanced Face Wash and Make-up Experience

If you’ve never been a fan of makeup because of the tedious process of cleansing and washing your face when you wake up, the Milky Oil will change all that. This face wash is the ultimate waterproof makeup remover. After all, ordinary makeup is just like child’s play, especially on a hot day when you’re bound to secrete maximum oil and water through your sweat glands. And the solution? Waterproof makeup.

But then again, this waterproof makeup becomes a scary nightmare when one is too tired for the three-step makeup removal process before going to bed. This is why the Google search “where to buy Glossier…” is so popular. And in most cases, it leaves international searchers heartbroken and resigned to the quest of finding skin-friendly beauty products. Until now.

Where to Buy Glossier Products

Now that you know Glossier Milky Oil is the number one defence against waterproof makeup, removing your makeup at the end of the day is going to become easier. Glossier online store is the best place to get pure Glossier products at the manufacturer’s recommended price.

Through the combined powers of micellar water and makeup removing cleansing oils, Milky Oil melts away everything and anything that you fear as waterproof makeup. It does the works, from 24-hour liquid lipsticks to the extra layers of mascara. Say goodbye to sleeping with a semi-clean face. The tedious three-step process is gone. Forgotten, to say the least.

If need to buy from Glossier to your country, then you need to rely on StoresRadar to handle your shopping from the UK or USA to your country in Africa. And oh well, with such dashing properties, this cleanser deserves your time and meticulous planning to get it in the country. And oh my, the packaging! Totally adorable and befitting the hype around it. The Milky Oil cleanser comes in a Glossier signature pink pastel packaging. All you need to do is shake it to mix the ingredients, drop onto a cotton pad and wipe off that triple layer of foundation. Watch your cotton pad as the makeup melts from your face leaving the skin relieved and soft.

This cleanser is good for the skin. Even sensitive skin has finally met its match. Want to know why? The secret is in the ingredients. Milky oil is formulated with the best of sensitive-cool ingredients such as:

  • Pro-Vitamin B5 – one of the most powerful natural moisturizers. Found naturally in avocados and mushrooms.
  • Comfrey Root Extract – the main ingredient is allantoin, which is for healing stressed skin and leaving it renewed.
  • Micellar Water – through the strength of micelles, this ingredient attracts dirt, oil and makeup like a magnet. Your skin will be left free and pure from any dirt particles.
  • With this winning combination of ingredients, the Glossier skin cleanser is hypoallergenic and ophthalmologically tested and approved for sensitive skin. It’s friendly for lips, eyes, and comes as cruelty and gluten-free product. Vegans have no conflict in using the cleanser.  

Glossier only offers (free shipping after meeting a certain budget) limited shipping. The countries included under shipping are the US, Canada, UK, France, Sweden, Denmark and Ireland. For the rest of the African community, it’s necessary to arrange for  StoresRadar to help you ship internationally from the UK or US.

Unfortunately, even when buying from other e-stores, the result is the same, international shipping needs to be budgeted and paid for. Don’t miss out on this gentle conditioning Milky Oil cleanser. Do your best today and get it online by paying StoresRadar to help handle the purchase and ship your Milky Oil and other Glossier buys to your country. Looking and feeling beautiful after removing makeup has never been this easy. With the Milky Oil, you’ll be left rejuvenated, conditioned and relaxed. It’s that simple.

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